Discover France – Your Ultimate Guide to French Tourism

Paris, France
Paris, France - ©Pexels, CC0 Creative Commons
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  2. Destinations A. Regions i. Île-de-France ii. Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur iii. Brittany iv. Occitanie v. Nouvelle-Aquitaine vi. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes vii. Bourgogne-Franche-Comté viii. Centre-Val de Loire ix. Corsica x. Grand Est xi. Hauts-de-France xii. Normandy xiii. Pays de la LoireB. Popular Cities i. Paris ii. Lyon iii. Marseille iv. Bordeaux v. Nice vi. Toulouse vii. Nantes viii. Strasbourg ix. Montpellier x. LilleC. Lesser-Known Gems i. Annecy ii. Colmar iii. Saint-Malo iv. Carcassonne v. Rocamadour
  3. Attractions A. Cultural & Historical Sites i. Monuments & Landmarks ii. Museums iii. Castles & Palaces iv. Cathedrals & ChurchesB. Natural Wonders i. National Parks ii. Mountains & Valleys iii. Rivers & Lakes iv. Beaches & Coastal AreasC. Culinary Experiences i. Regional Cuisine ii. Wine Tours & Tastings iii. Cooking Classes iv. Food Markets
  4. Activities A. Outdoor i. Hiking & Trekking ii. Biking & Cycling iii. Skiing & Snowboarding iv. Water SportsB. Leisure & Relaxation i. Spas & Wellness ii. Golf iii. Shopping iv. Festivals & Events
  5. Accommodations A. Hotels B. Bed & Breakfasts C. Vacation Rentals D. Hostels E. Campsites
  6. Transportation A. Air Travel B. Trains C. Buses & Coaches D. Car Rentals E. Public Transportation
  7. Travel Tips A. Visa & Entry Requirements B. Language & Culture C. Currency & Budgeting D. Health & Safety E. Weather & Packing
  8. Customized Itineraries A. Family Travel B. Romantic Getaways C. Adventure Seekers D. Luxury Travel E. Budget-Friendly Options
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